The ENEWAVE was founded in 1999 in the United States. Its predecessor was a research laboratory engaged in aerospace materials and even a large amount of high-tech and cutting-edge communication technology was invested in the research and development of ENEWAVE products.

Founder G. Feng was a researchers at GE Labs. Coincidentally in 2003, he began to serve for a famous audio company to solve the problem of speaker voice coil materials and thus entered the professional audio field. In 2005, he began to produce professional audio products and his products were quickly recognized by the market and won the market share successfully. 

On this basis, a unique two-inch driver has pressed and the Lark series of ultra-small development sound columns were quickly opened in combination with the advanced nature, stability and high cost of the product. The first production base was established in China in the same year.


In 2013, ENEWAVE has fully merged with Creatop Industrial Co., Ltd. and gradually developed into a professional audio equipment manufacturer and professional audio system solution provider integrating design, research and development, production, sales and service, and is committed to becoming a Chinese market-based company. An industry pioneer in opening up the international market. From a small company providing speaker unit material consultation to today a well-known brand with a full line of professional product lines, 15 years of accumulation has enabled ENEWAVE to have a leading international DSP design and electro-acoustic design team from circuit design to complexity DSP algorithms even developed acoustic components and large-format line array cabinets, ENEWAVE’s design team can handle all of their goal. ENEWAVE brings professional technical advantages into the personal consumption and home entertainment market, also bringing brand new concepts and vitality to this market.


ENEWAVE is one of the few brands with a complete product line in the audio industry including various types of speakers for various applications, and various scales of line-array systems and networked matrix system, power amplifiers with DSP programmable etc. 

EVEWAVE also owns advance digital audio processors technology such as FPGA and networked transmission system in the product range and development capacity.

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